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General information about our templates.

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Our joomla templates/themes are based on the Bootstrap CSS framework by twitter, which is also a part of the joomla core from version 3.0 . Additionally, we have added some useful features from the Foundation CSS framework by zurb. The Bootstrap framework remains fully updateable. So you recieve a template made with the best features of 2 different CSS frameworks.

Why are we no template club?

If you look at the joomla scene, you will recognize a large number of template/extension clubs which aim at forcing their users to pay for services which they don't need or work only conditionally. We don't believe that one wants to pay for months/years for a club membership if the effective use is one template or extension.

With us, the user buys only what he really wants and needs.

What we have learned from several years of customer contacts is that the user wants no club membership. Therefore, we have decided to offer our products in retail sales. By this, we hope to increase the confidence in our products and make our products more user-oriented.

On our template site, you can see an overview of the structure of the template, the module positions, features from the framework (how you can benefit from the framework) and our extension recommendations to keep your Joomla system in daily use even easier, more efficient and more beautiful.

If you have suggestions for our eXtensions and templates, please let us know.

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